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    Hello patchers! I have been watching a tutorial series by Really Useful Plugins where they recreate yamaha dx7 synth and repeated after them. Finishing, i ran into a problem related to polyphony.
    So, the problem is when i press a note it plays all 8 voices at the same time, when i play other note, it keeps playing previous ones with the current one. This may happen due to ADSR, but i checked everything several times and still cannot solve it. I admit that the solution may be pretty obvious, but i am new to this sorry. I checked manuals and tutorials, but they weren't very useful.
    Here is the zip with the patch.

    1. Here are poly and clone themselves
    2. Here is dx7-poly object, which is cloned
    3. On previous photo the $0-oscmsgs is sent, here is where it is delivered
    4. ADSR object which is stolen from pd documentation examples
      Screenshot from 2024-06-07 22-35-06.png
      I hope very much for your help! thx

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