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    Jojo Lapin - It will be Open Source and free like a free beer. There will be commercial solution dedicated for enterprise, but the language and its libraries will be free for everyone :)

    whale-av: It's not licensed under MIT, we are considering Apache v2 at the moment. The project you've found is not our project - we havent YET released luna's code and we are talking with the owner of github "luna" name to be able to use it instead. That project you've found is not developed over 2 years now and coudl be considered dead :)
    You are right - Luna is a somewhat popular name, but for now a great number of people recognizes it with our programming language.

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    Luna is not "designed for DSP" because it is a general purpose programming language. It would be better to tell that Luna is designed "not only for DSP". It basically means that you can use it to create games, computer graphics, visually program hardware, create batch scripts, system or web applications or process digital signals. In fact it is superior over traditional textual programming in all domains that could be visualised and interactively developed. Luna does not ship with any specialized library at the moment, so there are no DSP or game-specific functions included, but such libraries should appear in the future. Currently there is a startup that uses Luna to make high-performance image compositing software (www.flowbox.io) and we're also collaborating with few others, including visual IOT programming.
    Answering your third question - although Luna is a very powerfull anguage and has some rocket science built-in, its visual representation is understandable and usable by non technical people. In fact the visual form lowers the entry level, but not limiting proffesional programmers in any way - and this is told by a group of Haskell geeks :D

    Did I answer your questions? :)

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    Good evening everyone! :)

    My name is Wojciech. I hope this topic would not be considered to be offensive in any way - it's about a new programming language, which unlike PD does not focus on music and sound processing, so its target audience would not be the same (at last currently) :).

    In fact I'm one of the guys working on Luna - a new and very unique programming language - it has powerfull type system (with dependent types), it's purelly functional, with easy yet powerfull syntax and provides [b]dual[/b] representation. By dual I mean that you can code in text and switch to visual programming (and vice versa) whenever you want to.

    We are looking for alpha testers right now - and by alpha testers I mean people whou would love to play with such solution and help us develop it to suit their needs and become a really powerfull and recognizable language out there. We've done tremendous work so far and we've got much to do yet - we hope we wll do it with you :)

    Here is the website with all the info: http://www.luna-lang.org
    You can ask me any questions you want - here or via mail provided at the Luna's website :)

    All the best,

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