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    @bocanegra thanks for the feedback, looks like its an order issue as i tried feeding the msg through a trigger ordered top to bottom and that sets all correctly. Interestingly only each second dcyc bangs out, not something that would usually be an issue in use but i like my objects to be predictable :)

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    Hello! I've been lurking for some time and tinkering in PD for longer, have been very slack on the sharing side, today i change that!

    Starting with something deceptively simple (took an embarrassingly long time to get right).

    This is designed to count to a set number (base) and pass a message on once it loops (defines both over and under).

    The abstract can link its out to the in of another instance, creating a cascade of units useful for precise counters or sequences, should lend itself to many uses.

    It takes a specific message in and parses a specific message out, something i'm trying to generalise over other abstracts i'm building. This is explained in the help patch.


    Feedback appreciated, enjoy!

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