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    Okay, thank you both for your kind explanation i'll try this week-end !

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    @jameslo said:

    @Toostupefiant So you want to partition the table into N segments (that don't overlap and cover the entire table) and then play back all the segments in some random order?

    That's exactly what I want to do, but i don't know how could i make none overlaping samples . But the sample have to be from various length and be randomized (like from one song the first length is gonna be 10 sec, i load a new song the first lenght is 3 sec)
    Do you have any idea how could i do that, i think with array but i'm really not good with these.
    (sorry btw for the very late answer I was struggling on another project haha)
    Thank you guys for your answers !

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    I linked a quick view of a part of the patch. I think that Vurn would not work because it will not know which samples have been read (du to the duration of the playback (number on the left with "durée_de_lecture"). I don't knowif it's clearer.
    I thought about maybe delete the samples from the array after they've been read but it seems like we can't, with a message, delete something in the array. Am i wrong or is there a way ?
    Thank you for ur help still !

    Capture d’écran 2020-05-04 à 14.08.40.png

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  • Toostupefiant

    Hi everyone,
    I'm trying to make a patch where I load a sound into an array, then, i read different moment of the sound in a random order (so i start at the sample X for an x sample duration) but i don't want the same moment to be read 2 times and i really don't see how could i do that !
    Any suggestions ?
    Thank you all


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