• toneburst

    This seems to be a more general issues with toggling on/off DSP.

    I had a couple of different external audio interfaces connected to the machine at the time, so it may have been related to that.

    I've since got pd working much more reliably on my laptop at home, and my work iMac, so I think the problem is specific to the old iMac at home,

    Thanks again for getting back to me, @jameslo.

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  • toneburst

    Hi @jameslo thanks for getting back to me.

    That's good to know. I will try installing it on my laptop, and see if it's more reliable there.

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  • toneburst

    Hi All!

    New here, and to the world of pd, so hi :) and apologies if others have already answered this question elsewhere.

    I'm trying to get pd working on my old (2011) iMac, running High Sierra, but it seems to crash the pd editor every time I turn DSP off.

    Seems to be the same using the builtin output on the Mac, and with FireWire and USB-connected audio interfaces.

    I have sample-rate set to the default 44100 rate. There doesn't seem to me anything else to change.

    I've tried the last two 64 bit releases, and both appear to have the same issue.

    I'd love to know if anyone has managed to get pd working reliably in High Sierra, and what if any hoops had to be jumped through to achieve this.

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