• Tilman

    Wow that is an incredible help. Thank you all so much. What a joy.

    I will need a bit more time to go though all different objects to have a max. learning input.

    Very great:)

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  • Tilman

    @ingox Thank you for the reply and your post. The number box (at the end of the patch ) from 1-6 works fine. But to transfer it to the right sound is still tricky for me.
    Press d = c1 ,
    Press s= d1
    Press ds= e1 (notes)
    is what I want. but as soon I press ds together it reads as well each key individual and change the sound back to c1 or d1 and is not staying on e1.
    I am trying around with a metro which is triggered by "ds" and with a Spigot object, blocks d + s to function.
    As soon I am a functional step further I will post it here. Tricky control situation + I am quite new with Pure data.
    Thanks again :)

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  • Tilman

    I will just try to set a similar question under this thread as the answers given before had a good input to me.

    I want to have 6 different notes played by having 3 buttons (each one single + the three combination pressing two keys)

    So far my patch works. But when I press a key-combinations (in my example "s + d" it jumps back to the frequency of one or the other of the key but it is not staying with the frequency I set the key-combination.

    It would be wonderful if somebody can give a hint.
    Thank you


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