• thopman

    i'm having similar problems when trying to use firmata with a teensy 3.2 on windows with PD vanilla. The teensy works fine when using the firmata-test.exe or windows remote arduino experience app. But using pduino PD i can't connect to the teensy and sometimes PD crashes.

    Note i had to edit the boards.h file in the Arduino firmata library to get firmata to compile for teensy 3.2

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  • thopman

    Hi Everybody,

    first post so go easy on me.

    I've got a simple attiny44 board with a sensor on one of the adc pins and a ftdi to usb cable sending the value via a serial port. If i open a comport in pd and print the value coming in i only get a reading between 49 and 53...

    The strange thing is if i open up a serial monitor in either the arduino software or via python with pyserial or with another arduino just displaying the value to a lcd i get exactly the values within a range of 0 - 1023.

    i've followed this tutorial but the code does not work for me...
    http://nf-interactive.blogspot.com/2011 … -data.html

    also tried this patch but the same thing...

    Could there be something wrong with my install? does PureDate have any dependencies that i have failed to install or do i have a wrong version installed? btw i'm on windows 7 x64 since i could not get PD running yet on my ubuntu 11.10 box.



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  • thopman

    ahem..... joke's on me... i was using serial.print instead of serial.write....

    now i'll just slowly walk aw.......

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