• thindown_ollie

    Hi all - this is my first attempt at a 'live', reactive patch - for a solo double bass piece I'm working on. I'd appreciate any feedback with regards to its build (it's pretty simple but can it be neater?!). If there are any string players out there with a few spare minutes I'd certainly appreciate some feedback with how it reacted to your playing (especially bartok pizz/slap pizz and double stopping)

    thanks in advance and hope it's at least a little bit interesting!

    Amplify WORKING.pd

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  • thindown_ollie

    Hi! Thank-you for this.. I think I misunderstood what minpower could do! Essentially, I was trying to use minpower to stop sigmund from reacting to anything too quiet, in that I wanted the resultant sounds from sigmund to react to the input - the louder the input, the more it reacted, the quieter the input the less you heard from sigmund (if that makes sense atall?!) I'm getting the sense with further testing that this is sort of how npeak reacts anyway?

    thanks again for replying!

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  • thindown_ollie

    Hi All - first post here, I'm pretty much as green as can be with PD but have been working on a 'live' patch for a while now...

    I think i'm confusing the order of something here in sigmund~. I'm trying to use 'minpower' to measure the level that is reporting a pitch but wherever I have it in the argument - it doesn't seem to have any effect whatsoever!

    currently written as "sigmund~ -minpower 50 -npeak 14 peaks"

    npeak works regardless... have I done something completely idiotic here? am I missing a stage? Also, assuming I can fix this issue - can I use a number box/slider to change the minpower number in real time?

    Many thanks indeed

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