• thetrincho

    I've been tested before, with the purpose of using the iPhone motion sensor such as musical instrument, with some successes and many failures. worked with, TouchOSC+puredata+midi yoke+reason 4.0 iphone to pc
    I have now, Kinect. and I see the possibilities, but not yet connected to the pc.
    this week will try to connect to pure data first, then if I have success, redirect to midiyoke, and from this to, reason 4.0, or some program like ableton (all on windows xp)
    I just want to operate two cameras and an infrared sensor. microphones and other things for later.
    I look forward to the results that some had with web cameras and motion detection, and there is much information about the operation of Kinect, there are many people working on such devices, and youtube is full of videos with new ideas.
    then look for people with dreams and desire to play with Kinect,
    the possibilities are many.
    and in the furture will be a great tool.
    Who would want to join the team?

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