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    People, especially kids are always restricted from playing video games. It is said that games will improve the violence, affect our health and eyes. However, you may be surprised with what researchers found out. There are endless health benefits to us, especially kids.

    Games are now not just aggressive actions in action games or shooting games. Here we with a more gentle game genre that can help people relieve stress, boost the brain, etc. It is art games. Therefore, if you are wondering if art games can be beneficial or not, it’s time to explore over-expected benefits art games.

    1. Promote Creativity

    Creativity is one of the most significant ability for us to solve almost every single problems in our life. In art games, we will no longer have to face incredible challenges in real life such as global warming, wars, and mass extinctions. Free your soul in colouring games, room decoration, design or music games.

    Art games promote creativity.

    Paint your best picture with full of colours or mix the clothes of the princesses in dress-up games in your own way. It’s the way to build up the better creativity. If you want to help your kids boost their creativity, here’s top highly rated online art games for 7 to 12 year olds.

    2. Support Fine Motor Skills

    Now, it’s time to hold the paintbrush, draw lines and dots, mix different colours in games instead of real life. Alternatively, show your ability in decorating the most stunning room ever. These tasks will be the best way to enhance coordination and dexterity. They are fun and rewarding enough to keep gamers, especially kids coming back again and again. Especially, when kids get hooked on these art activities in games over time. Their motor skills can be improved fast. What a deal!

    3. Develop Problem-solving Abilities

    Art activities in games with epic graphics may give gamers endless opportunity to make choices, come to conclusion, evaluate results, and second-guessing decisions. People will feel comfortable with common uncertainty, and they will be flexible thinkers, more creative and confident people.

    Games develop your problem-solving skills.

    Which colour should be applied to the character? Which furniture will this house match and need? To play these games with high scores, good techniques are needed for suitable combinations and good ideas. These games are more suitable for girls than boys. So, enjoy art games for girl here!

    4. Improve Vision

    This game seems to be a little weird; however, some electronic gadgets such as tab, mobile, computer, etc can negatively damage your eyes with too much exposure. However, scientists show that playing games can help improve your vision. Especially, when entering colouring games, people will identify 4 colour shades well.

    5. Reduces Stress

    Art games are such a quick stress relief for people in depression. In these gentle games, people will quickly throw their worries away and free their mind from all disturbances once they concentrate on gaming sessions. Moreover, the heart rate will be kept at a normal level for certain games.

    Reduce stress with amazing art games!

    So, now, after understanding all the advantages of art games, it’s time to enjoy Coolest free online art games to play - check out now.

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