• techbenti

    Hi, thanks a lot for your interest!

    The FPGA can be programmed with Xilinx ISE on a host PC. The bitstream is downloaded on the FPGA through JTAG.
    For those having a HDL Coder license on the host PC, it is also possible to automatically convert the MATLAB/Simulink model to HDL (and then synthesize it with Xilinx).

    Just let me know if you'd like to get any additional information or details.

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  • techbenti

    Democracy DEV is a Raspberry Pi 3 + FPGA Audio Processing Board for Real-time Embedded Audio Processing, which provides support for Pure Data (and MATLAB/Simulink as well).
    More details on Crowd Supply: https://www.crowdsupply.com/benti/democracy-dev

    If you like the idea behind, please join the crowdfunding campaign and help us getting Democracy DEV funded!

    Please feel free to submit any comments or questions on the Crowd Supply page ('Ask BENTI a question' button, bottom page)

    Thanks a lot for any your contribution and support!


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