• sundsin

    Hello David.

    Yes I figured how to use it! ( Took me really long tho ! haha )

    That's exactly how you did it, it really helps!

    Thanks a lot!

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  • sundsin

    Hey guys so I made 2 programs,

    One receives and the other one sends.

    Basically with receiver file you can read file location into a message then load it into an array. You can do it for 8 differents files.

    The sender file sends a number to tell which file to load.

    I'll post a picture and a link of the programs if I explained it badly.

    I'd like to modify both of these programs so they can be both sender and receiver. On the formerly sender patch, I made a modification that would allow it to see the file location as well.

    The problem is, I opened 8 ports for that... Is there a way to do it only using one port? Please help :(

    imgur link : http://imgur.com/a/Reuzf
    dl link : https://ufile.io/c1e17

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