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    Does anybody succeed to transfer models from stk such as https://ccrma.stanford.edu/software/stk/classstk_1_1Saxofony.html to PD but not embedded that pd can use or refer to the classes of stk but by "translating" the physical or mathematical meaning from stk to pd? This should be possible because the elements modelled in stk are available in pd also: delaylines, filters, oscilators,...

    However, I did not succeed with blown or bowed instruments just a plugged instruments gave an astonishing natural sound: This one that is from pd: Karplus Strong
    (I suppose this is an easy one, because the model does not need to take care about energy that is permanently fed in which happens when you bow or blow)

    My idea is to take these instruments as a starting point and create "similar" instruments.

    Till now no technique gave such a natural sound as, therefore I want to "build" other instruments this way. FM, subtractive, additive synthesis...-nothing really gave warm sounds.
    Granular syntesis or "playing" a waveform on the other hand do not give access to properties of an instrument in the way that I could change the material of an instrument.

    I already use subpatches to come down to blocksizes of 1 - still no success...
    Often just noise.


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