• sub_Jean

    I want to use python scripts with pd and installed py/py-ext (using flext). When I want to load PD with "pd -lib py -path scripts" it throws

    localhost:/usr/local/lib/pd/extra> pd -lib py -path scripts
    Pd: signal 4
    localhost:/usr/local/lib/pd/extra> pd_gui: pd process exited

    flext and py were compiled without errors. There is the py.pd_linux script in the extras- directory. I copied the scripts-directory from the py-source into the extras-directory. Nothing changed .....

    So, I have no clue anymore. I searched of course in google for "signal 4" in connection with PD and searched also in this forum but couldn't find anything!

    So do you have any idea?

    This are my specification:
    ubuntu Edgy 4.10
    kernel 2.6.17-10-generic
    python 2.4
    Pd version 0.39.2-extended-RC1

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