• stra6

    Thank you very much! It seems that it does exactly what i wanted! :)

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  • stra6


    I hope, that someone could help me with a strange issue I have with message created using list2symbol.
    I am trying to make a patch which saves the states of a row of toggles into a table. (s. attached patch)
    I am combining the states of the toggles using list2symbol and “add2” objects.
    The resulting message seems to be ok, however when I bang it, I get “array: no method for '0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0’” (example when all toggles are set to 0). When I delete manually any number from the message and bang it, it works. I couldn’t find anything that could cause this behaviour, even looking at the patch in a text editor.
    I would appreciate very much if somebody could help with this!

    Best wishes,


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