• Stormy

    @Stormy Solved recompiling PD after deleting the one installed from community repo.

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  • Stormy

    I need some help for a problem I can not solve...

    I installed PD in Arch Linux.
    It works (almost) everything.

    I've created a "pd-externals" directory - nested in a number of other folders in Home - to keep the extra libraries.
    I added the path.
    Then I downloaded and installed via Deken: libdir, cyclone, Gem.

    Libdir and cyclone work smoothly, so the whole system should be correct.
    Gem, however, always returns "Gem can not load library".

    I get the same result by moving Gem to any other possible location (usr/lib/pd/extra - /usr/local/lib/pd/extra/ - /home/USERNAME/pd-externals - etc. etc.).

    Of course, I should work with Gem ...

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