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    Many thanks for helping, iĺl try it :-)

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    first of all, i am Stef from Germany, a "once in a while" PD User since a few years. My currently used PD-Version is 0.51 running on Ubuntu 20.04.

    My question is:

    I have a pd-Module, which has several "Receive" inputs inside with the same Name.

    I would like to use several copies of the same module with the goal to control them all independently "wireless". To do this, i would need in fact a parent PD, which has a command/Value inlet , attach it to a "Send" object wiith the, which communicates with the underlying "cloned" pd Module.

    Of course this would not work, because currently every other module with the same "receive" Object and the same name in the global PD sheet would react to the command/value being send. What i would need is a "Send"-Object which only does cummunicate with a child PD Object and does not send value changes -outside- the parent PD Object, like a "Container".

    Like so:

    Main PD Object=>Message -only- to Child PD=>Message -only- to Child PD and so on. The Message inside a parent Patch "Container" going to a child PD should not affect any other Receive object -outside- this container.

    This would save me in fact a lot of time renaming the "Receive" Objects of each individual Child PD Patch.

    The only thing that has to be done, would be to have a Parent PD Patch with some inlets that connects to a send object with the same static name that the -next- underling child PD would accept - in order to prevent renaming each individual "Receive" Inlet of the last Child PD Patch.

    Is this possible in any way?

    Another question that i would have - is it possible to clone PD Patches in such a way, so that any change in a PD Patch could affect every other PD patch when they use the same name?

    Like so: Having 2 PD Patches on the main sheet with the same functionality and the same name=> any change on PD Patch number one (adding/removing objects, wiring etc) also affects/changes the contents of PD Patch Number 2,

    Kind regards

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