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    @Pierre-Guillot Yeah, maintenance is always a pain. I'm a bit busy at the moment but I'll open an issue about this. There are multiple things that can be done, including me maintaining a fork that includes popular externals. I guess we'll discuss :)

    As for IRCAM, the work there has had a huge impact on me in general. I first listened to the music of Gérard Grisey when I was a young teenager studying harmony and counterpoint and it completely blew my mind. Then I got more into frequential composition, Open Music and so on. This was basically my gateway to computer music. For a long time I was saying that one day I'd want to work there but my French got rustier and rustier and life took me in different places :)

    I haven't caught up with what IRCAM has been doing recently, unfortunately. I think the last thing that I've used was Orchidée which was great but I've stopped using it due to switching to using Linux boxes. I still spin up Open Music, even though my lisp code always ends up being a mess :)

    Keep up the good work!

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    Hi Pierre!

    I'm not active by any means in the community at all but I'm following your work (and the work of CICM) with a big passion. I really want to thank you and all of the CICM people for your contributions.

    I'm composing some works using faust and pd (and faustgen has been really nice for development) and it was really nice to be able to bundle some of the stuff that I've made in LV2 and VST using Camomile and hook it up for more commercial or recording oriented projects.

    I had no problems including externals, at least the ones that I've tried. I was thinking of hacking some wrapper scripts to do some of the chores associated with them, such as modifying the jucer stuff, automatically.

    I haven't played with this yet and I have essentially no experience with jucer but from doing diffs on the jucer files it seems somewhat straightforward on paper. If I can get this to reliably work, would you be interested in it? It won't solve dependency problems for some more elaborate externals but it might help newbies somewhat and offer some convenience for other users.

    Lastly, I'm a composer by background but I've always been writing software, with my day-job being in software development. I'm unfamiliar with the code bases but I would be really interested to contribute in some of these projects. Is there interest or possibility for outsiders to contribute?

    Again, thanks a lot for your work and having it open to the world! It really does mean a lot.

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