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    First post with quite a few questions regarding touch screens. My goal is to create a multitouch interface to control Reaper, www.reaper.fm a DAW, over OSC. Now I have the needed patches, or at least the basics, down to send and receive data to/from Reaper into PD and it's working very good. I can control volume, pan, fx, track selection etc without a problem.
    So the touchscreen. I can't find any info online on the multitouch capabilities of PD. There are tons of info on reactivision and interfacing that way, but not whether the normal interface of PD is multitouch sensitive. I haven't bought a screen yet but will probably do so the coming weeks.
    Now, if PD just accepts one point, kind of like a mouse, I would need to build an external multitouch gui. What would be the best/easiest way of doing this? I was looking into building an html5 gui but I can't find any solid info on the ups and downs of this approach. I know html and css (plus some javascript and php) very well so it would be quite easy for me but I can't find a good tutorial on how to get started. No idea on what extra libs I need etc. Would GEM be a better choice?
    Is there anybody with some experience on the standard PD interface and multitouch? The ideal situation for me would be to keep everything in PD and build the user interface with the supplied buttons, toggles, sliders , knobs etc. Are there any projects going this way?

    All help is welcome and thanks in advance.

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