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    Wet-Dry AM.pd
    Hey everyone,

    I'm experimenting with trying to get a clean fade between the dry carrier sound and the wet modulated sound when using AM but am running into a couple problems.

    1. When I make the modulating signal into a unipolar waveform, I can get a clean transition between the dry sound and modulated tremolo sound, but at faster modulation speeds the carrier can be heard with the other 2 frequency bands
    2. When I use the bipolar waveform, the transition between the dry signal and the tremolo signal is sloppy and the rate begins to sound like it doubles

    I'm wondering why the carrier sound is present when modulating at high speeds with the unipolar waveform but not with the bipolar waveform? And I'm also curious why the tremolo speed feels like it doubles in its rate when crossfading with the bipolar waveform?

    Ideally, I would like to have the best of both worlds in the patch where it crossfades cleanly into a full tremolo, but also where the carrier signal doesn't exist when the modulation is fully wet. Not sure if videos work here, but I'll try and post one.[link text](Amplitude Modulation.mp4 link url)

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