• Sockerjam

    Aah okey, Im sorry to hear that! Glad everything is back up and running again though :)

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  • Sockerjam

    What the hell, how come my account and the old thread got deleted?

    Anyhow guys, I'm wondering if there is anyone that could help me with a small thing regarding the patch I was working on before.

    The thing I need help with is what you can see in the "pd phase_average" where I am reading the data from the array called "phase_difference" from the main window and I am trying to print it to a new array that will just show the average of what is going on in the "phase_difference".
    My goal is to be able to have the array "phase_average" being a still picture and not an oscillating thing that is happening in the "phase_difference" array.

    At the moment, the "pd phase_average" looks correct in, in terms of data being passed along. Maybe someone could have a look and see if there is any mistake :)

    Thanks a lot guys :)


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