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    sequencer aléatoire 2.pd

    Here it is, i was on safari and the uploading didn't work. Thanks for the infos, I don't know yet how to integrate your weighted random, because i end with numbers with decimals, and i need int (step position, from 1 to 16, or 0 to 15).
    I will try with pipe.

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    With no clue, a little debutant in Pd, I'm stuck with a problem.

    My idea is to create a rhythm sequencer sending a pattern to a solenoid. But i want this pattern to be alternate by randomness AND that this randomness is controlled by a distance sensor. So when someone is far from the sensor, the pattern is played at the maximum of randomness, and more someone is close to the sensor, more the pattern is played in order.
    For now, I have the sequencer part working, either in random or in order. So I have two series of number (the steps position of a 16 steps pattern). But I don't understand how to chose between this two series in function of the sensor. This sensor is meant to act as a dr/wet control of the randomness. I tried with moses, spigot, but none of that worked. Or I don't know ow make it working.
    Thank you for your help !
    Jerome[sequencer aléatoire 2.pd](uploading 100%)

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