• Seor

    hey Hardoff, nice work, im a noob to pd but am very interested in using it, probably for the rest of my life, i was just wondering if and how i could control some of this patches with a midi i owne, i have a small m-audio o2 and havent really used it with pd, i am starting to look it up now see and in my search i saw your interesting patch cause it sounds like something fun to experiment with, i havent really been able to make your patches work im probably not doing something right, but the print window tells me: error: $2: argument number out of range
    error: Bad arguments for message 'open' to object 'pd'
    ... you might be able to track this down from the Find menu.

    well if you have any ideas on what im doing wrong id appretiate it, im not giving up yet though ill keep experimenting with the DIY2 im sure ill figure it ou eventually.

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