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    I've just bought this 7.1 multichannel soundcard : http://www.amazon.fr/StarTech-com-Audio-Adapter-Sound-Digital/dp/B002LM0U2S/ref=sr_1_4?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1338280069&sr=1-4

    But i've got severals issues with the multichannel.

    All the drivers are OK, and i can play a sound on each speaker from the little interface provided with the drivers.

    But i can't do it from PureData. In the audio settings I choose ASIO and I select the "USB multichannel interface", and i put "8" channels. then i create an dac~1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 but it didn't works. Sometimes all the speakers plays, sometimes juste the half part...

    I was wondering if maybe I had to "encode" the 8 channels in a stereo output (i don't know maybe there is a method to do this with the dolby digital), and then the soundcard will do the opposite on her own to recover the 8 channels...

    thanks you for your help, and i apologize for my very bad english

    btw i'm using windows 7, and i also tried on Mac Os X with the same results.

    Have a nice day,


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