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    hi everyone,
    I'm running into an issue getting Pd to connect to a multichannel usb audio interface on a raspberry pi 4, and I was hoping that someone here might have an idea how to solve the problem...
    I've verified that the interface itself works using speaker-test -t wav -c6 -Dhw:1-0 and I'm even able to get it to play from supercollider with the aid of some instructions I found from Mads Kjeldgaard, but when i try to run a Pd patch on the same setup I get the following errors when I try open the software:
    Device: no such object
    Device: no such object
    Device: no such object
    Device: no such object
    Device: no such object
    Pd: can't open
    Dongle_01: no such object
    raspiaudiotune: can't open
    realtimeconfigquickscan: can't open
    rtkernel: can't open
    test_code: can't open

    FYI - Dongle_01 is another usb soundcard that I also works on the system, but not with Pd. Also, the default 3.5 mm jack output is currently disabled (I need 4 channels of audio anyways, so that's not an option for me)
    When I try and a set the output device in File > Preferences > Audio I get the following error in the console:
    ALSA output error (snd_pcm_open): No such file or directory

    and this in the terminal (i'm running it through XQuartz on os X):
    ALSA lib pcm_hw.c:1822:(_snd_pcm_hw_open) Invalid value for card

    I've searched through various forum posts and setup guides, and can't seem to sort out the issue. Perhaps I need to configure it to run with Jack, but I haven't seen any suggestion of that being necessary while looking for answers online...
    Does any one have any ideas on how I can solve this issue?

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