Thanks for the reply Johnny, really appreciate.
    The vl2s object looks really close, but I need it the other around, so symbol to list!
    Shell is working great as a folder_list substitute. With a message "find Volumes/UNTITLED -maxdepth 1 -type f" it does exactly what I need.

    EDIT: using 'shell' I no longer need to convert the symbol, so i'm good to go. In fact its running now on PI GEM. pretty clunky but early days. happy to upload it if you interested.
    Thanks a miliion.

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  • SBC

    Hi All
    First post here.
    I've got a patch that I have made that is intended to live on my new Pi3. Its simple video player, that takes a list from a USB and racks them up in a coll to be played back using the GPIO.
    Got PD-Extended running with GEM and have downloaded other missing objects, all working fine..... but there is 2 objects that do not seem to work with ARM7.
    these are 'symbol2list' and 'folder-list'.
    They are essential to my patch and I cant seem to even find objects that would replace them.
    Can anyone point me in the right directions please, either the location of these objects or how to make them play ball on the PI.
    Many thanks.

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