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    Hi all..
    I've been having troubles reading the digital inputs of an arduino duemilanove (328) using the pduino firmware. I mean having troubles like not reading anything from them at all.
    Analog ins and digital outs work fine, but the DI do not want to read anything. I've checked that they are OK (I can effectively read them) with other sketches including the button read example from the arduino website, so there are no hardware issues.
    I've tried he latest version of the pduino firmware, and went all the way back to pduino 0.4 with firmata 2.0. I even changed the moocow objects for flatspace as someone hinted somewhere here but to no avail (yes, I'm on windows XP).
    I've tried the pduino-help and pduino-test patches included with the download and everything works except the digital input reading.
    .. and of course, the digital ports are enabled and the pins' output mode are in 0 (input) and the serial port is set correctly both with the selector and inside the [arduino] object (just in case)
    The toggle objects do not change at all in the lower right section of the pduino-test patch. As a matter of fact nothing comes out of any [route digital] object, even if it is directly connected to the [arduino] object
    Am I missing something here?
    any help would be appreciated



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