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    Hi there everyone,

    I am fairly new to Pd (just brute forcing my way through things)Karplus Strong.pd *the patch is here) and have been experimenting with the Karplus Strong algorithm to just create some simple sounding plucked strings from whitenoise. The issue is that I've manage to get it to work but every time I close Pd and load the patch up again, whenever I hit the trigger button at the pd_many notes section, it goes and selects a long delay time of about -122 ish. Its only when I double click the Pd notes and select the 'notes' (with all the numbers) and then assign it to the 'table notes' object does it go back to normal again. Obviously its not a big issue, but is there a way for me to fix it so that whenever I reopen the file in PD, I would have to go through the trouble of assigning the midi notes to table notes? Thanks again for reading and giving your attention.

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