• Remork

    not entirely solved.
    i've got a suspicion it might have something to do with the laptop going to sleep (or me closing the lid) with Pd still running.
    will test some more.

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  • Remork

    i think i got it solved by removing the Pure Data plist, and cleaning as much residue from Pd Ext as i could find. will test some more, but seems better now.

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  • Remork

    thanks for a swift reply!
    not a saved state issue, apparently - disabled Resume for Pd and it's still happening.
    too bad.

    just tried 0.49.1 - same thing...

    wondering if it's an OSx issue only on my machine..?
    only installed Sierra a couple of weeks ago (i know, i know - late to the party, but i'm more of an 'if it ain't broke' kinda guy), so i doubt if that install is already corrupted.

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  • Remork

    hello there
    first time poster
    couldn't find any info on this problem in existing threads..

    i have an issue in Vanilla on Mac Os Sierra, where [openpanel] as well as the 'save as' command will sometimes return a finder window that is either completely black, completely white, or an interesting combination of both :)
    see attached screenshot - this was a 'save as' command.

    it's impossible to see what you're selecting, and i mainly try to sort-of-aim for where the 'cancel' button would be to close the window. not exactly ideal for workflow.
    it occurs both in 50.0.0 and 50.0.2, but it doesn't happen in PurrData.
    i can't seem to find any consistencies in when it happens - like running any other programs, etc.
    sometimes logging out and back in will cure it for some time, but never indefinitely.
    and that also means that any work i did before logging out can only be saved, not saved as a copy with a new name.

    i'm trying to switch to vanilla (for writing Bela compatible patches), but this is an issue that is quite the dealbreaker..

    anyone else have this problem?


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