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    or simply 'list 3000'...

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    Hey, folks,
    For those loving the Mobile Music Platform as I do: For a couple of years now I‘ve been cargo-culting myself to integrate the abl_link~ external into this beautiful playground, although only for iOS. Also some other features I missed are added by now:

    • you can load multiple patches at once, which can interact
    • a numberdialogue
    • guis in native pd files have input methods
    • native of files are zoomable
    • a contentmenu returns files for loading, possibly filtered by extension
    • just because I was curious to try it out: it can run on macs with catalyst...

    You have to compile it yourself to try: https://github.com/Reinissance/MobMuPlatLink

    It uses linkkit 3 with start/stop sync support and Audiobus is updated to version 3 too, although there is a bug: when returning to the app from background without audio background enabled it crashes...

    As I changed the name it can run in parallel with the original MobMuPlat app.

    Have fun with it

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