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    I have been going through tutorials on forums and Youtube and slowly getting my head around on synthesis in PD. However i have still not figured out how approach a simple waveform selector feature. So just for example an hradio with different outputs selecting different waveforms. I know i can use math-functions like feed phasor~ with cos~ to get a sine wave or *~ 2 and -~ 1 to get a full range sawtooth. I have also learned the other way is by setting a waveform from predefined table but since that requires understanding sinesum values i have decided to discard that option because i am not there yet.

    There may be something fundamental i am missing in how things work with PD but so far i have only managed to stack things up instead of selecting different functions for phasor~ so i need to somehow switch of the previous waveform. So the structure would be to have a single hslider to control frequency and hradio to select waveform with different math actions (mentioned before) that will be applied to the chain after phasor~ object. Also the problem has been with the single slider that it always adds everything it's connected to the waveforms. I don't really know, maybe i'm doing something wrong? So what would be the most effecient way of approaching this issue? In addition if you think i really should go with wavetables or something else please let me know!

    Thank you in advance!

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