• playinmyblues

    I had just fixed that problem and could not figure out why there was some action now.

    Thank you for pointing that out. It would have taken me a long time to realize what I had done wrong.

    Maybe you can help with a working problem?

    It seems for this particular case, I have to click on the table itself in Run mode before the bottom box will track the changes in the table according to the top box. Is that how it is supposed to work or am I doing something else wrong?


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  • playinmyblues

    Btw, I can change the contents of the lower box, below the <tabread sticky> box. Then when I scroll the values up or down in the box above <tabread sticky>, the lower box changes to 0.

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  • playinmyblues

    Hi. It is good to be looking at PD again. This time around I am using a Mac or a PC to learn how to program PD. It is simpler than making sure all the settings are correct with an RPi.

    I am having a problem with getting a table to read correctly. The example is from a YT tutorial for a beginner but it is from 2007. It might not work that way anymore. The rest of the tutorial works well enough until I get to the point in the tutorial: 6:30 where the cursor is moving up and down, changing the values in one box to alter the values in a another box.


    Beginner's Puredata Tutorial PArt 1 of 2

    Error message in PD main window:
    gatom: no method for 'tabread'

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