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    I'm new to the forum and decided to sign up to expand and help my journey in PD. I've managed to make some basic patches and I've been trying to replicate a eurorack drum module as a basic starting point with the hope of building more stuff so i can make some music and learn synthesis. The module in question is an Audio Damage Neuron, its a 2 OP FM module with a single cycle 909 waveform for the carrier and a sin osc as the modulator.

    I've used these parameters for a simple oscillator in PD with a little success however I get terrible aliasing (i think thats what it is?).

    I'm also trying to implement a pitch envelope and amp decay but I'm struggling, Ive created a simple Pitch Envelope from a drawn tabled array but i would like to mix/fade it in to my oscillator and include a decay amp slider as well. Ideally i would like to do away with the tabled array and have sliders for ADSR, but im struggling with this element

    Could anyone help me out?

    I've uploaded some files



    A link to the module in action is here:

    any tips would be a huge help

    thanks in advance :)

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