• phata

    Hi, thanks both for your help! I got it working in Purr Data. But after installing the zexy library i did find the [date] help file, but not the actual external (also it didn't work in the help file). I noticed more help files without accompanying externals.. weird (?).

    Another question on Purr Data: where do I find a complete list of the included externals? In 'Help > Quick Reference' it seems only the original PD externals are listed.

    Thanks again

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  • phata

    Hi Forum,

    I just started to look into PD after extensive use of Max. Especially the RPi integration seems very interesting.

    However, I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around some basic stuff. For instance, I want to use the [date] object to retrieve d/m/y. This does not appear to be one of the internals, but I have seen it listed as an external (Vanilla extended?). But then when I look around I find lots of 5 year old pages, and for example Pure Data Computer Music on Sourceforge which offers a lot but not simply what I am looking for.

    It feels very noobish to ask how this works, I must be missing something obvious, but I think I need a little help with starting to find my way around and then I'll be fine.


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