• petemanzel

    Hello, i am working on a patch that should control the volume of 2 tracks via serial data.

    Let me explain what i would like to achieve.

    I have 3 wav-files. Each ~3min long, playing in an infinite loop.
    The first track is always hearable the other two track should be faded in and out using two switches connected to an arduino and communicating with Pure Data over the serial port.

    My problem is that if i flip the switch to "on" i have an "1" coming in over the serial port that is not triggering a bang but keeps the bang active all the time, same with the "0" coming over the serial port.
    That way the fade-in and out is not working as it should.

    How do i trigger the bang without keeping the bang active all the time?
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  • petemanzel

    this is my very first beginning with Pure Data. It is super fun to play around with it.
    My desire is to build a sampler/sampleplayer for my daughters 6th birthday.

    The Hardware is coming together and seems to work fine.
    I am using a Adafruit Neotrellis (a 4x4 Rubber Keypad with RGB LEDs) and some other buttons and rotary encoder that are talking via i2c to a Raspberry Pi Pico that is sending out MIDI over USB.
    PD is going to run on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B in a custom build enclosure with a speaker and e build in electret microphone.

    I would love to have multiple (3 or 4) banks with 16 samples each switchable with a rotary encoder.
    Superb would be if it there are some empty banks that could be filled up with sounds sampled with e build in microphone.

    This is my first step in creating the PD patch.

    I really would appreciate any help and indications on how to make it work.



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