• perdidohate

    thanks rjp9, i don't know that i can send a double message in [line].
    knowing that i've solved it in that way
    Schermata del 2015-09-16 22-13-53.png
    In the right is the solution adopted using your suggestions and it works like a charm!
    Thank you again!

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  • perdidohate

    Hi to all, i've made a patch that read a file in loop and with ctlin can change the playback speed. at this point all ok. But now i like to add a function that when i press a midi note ,the playback speed return smoothly to its original speed using [line] feeded by [pack originalspeed 5000]
    It works but ,on the first press ,just start from 0 and go smoothly to originalspeed, on the second press the [line] remember it's previous position and jump to originalspeed.
    in my head i'd like to start from the current playback speed value and return to originalspeed in 5 secs everytime i press the midi note.
    Some suggestion?I'm here scratching my head on this but the only idea i've tried is to feed line with actual value but it doesn't work

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  • perdidohate

    it's time to give back community something for all the efforts to me with this patch.
    i've added things from time to time when i need it so i think it's quite usable.
    help file explain everything (but it's a sequncer and work like... every other sequencer)
    just some feature:
    preset as a single list message
    set for a specific beat
    output page number , position number , position only on ticked beat , bang on end page for synch


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  • perdidohate

    Hi there,
    i'm quite new with Pd a now i'm stuck.
    i'm building a sequencer and i want to obtain this:
    send a list message and set an array to 1 in these value, 0 in all the others

    so for example

    [0 4 8(

    have to set the array to 1 in posistion 0 4 8 and to 0 in all the other position

    inside my abstraction i have

    [send $0-sx00(
    and 00 is the index of the array

    i know if a write [send $0-sx$1( i can write exatly to that point but i don't know how to analyse that input to obtain what i want...

    Maybe it's trivial and i know tha i'm not so distant from the solution but i can't do it

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  • perdidohate

    it works, thank you sebfumaster!

    now i can start studying why it works!

    thanks again!

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