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    I have downloaded the template, and it looks like it's exactly what I need. So thanks for that!

    However, I am having trouble using it still. I followed the makefile instructions, replacing template with the name of my library and adding the name of my hello_world.c file to the sources line. When I enter >make clean; then >make; I get a .pd_linux file and a .o file with the hello_world object like expected. However, after linking the directory to my sources in my pd_extended program, I still cannot make the hello_world object in pd. I get the following error message:

    load_object: Symbol "hello_world_setup" not found
    ... couldn't create

    which is different than if I had tried to make an object that had no .pd_linux file:

    ... couldn't create

    so what does this first line mean? How do I get my .pd_linux into a readable format for pd?


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  • pauly70605

    Hello, I am trying to develop externals for pure data in c on a system running Fedora. There seems to be little on this topic available online, and what I have found generally glosses over the processing of compiling. I need to be able to write a c text and compile that text into a .pd file. I have a c file that should be well formatted to compile and I found a make statement, yet I still cannot compile. I am not extremely familiar with the processes of compiling like this, but I am attempting to learn.

    I have found two articles. The first: http://pdstatic.iem.at/externals-HOWTO/ talks about the idea of developing an external, but glosses over the compiling processes. From this I was able to get a c code that should compile into a pd patch. Now, I need to get this block of c code into a .pd code.

    The second article https://mediatech.aalto.fi/~tervos/Tutorial on PD Externals, Tervo and Patynen 2010.pdf provided a make statement that should compile the c code, but its not changing anything with the c file. I still cant open the code with pd. According to the article, I need to change the line that points to my pd executable, which I found in my /bin. I run >make clean; then >make; in the directory containing the make statement, my c text file, and the c object file I complied with gcc. But no pd file is created.

    I am at a lost. I need to find a way to use c code to develop .pd patches. I know that it is possible because both these articles give example c code that complies into their patches. Someone please help :bowtie:

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