• oni_shogun

    I have literally started using pd today, coming from a maxmsp environment and aiming to use pd on a raspi as well. i've basically stumbled upon the same issues as ddw_music, where all desired libraries function as expected, apart from [mrpeach]. however, what is most riddling, is that the individual objects DO work, once I open the helpfiles which contain them. that is, routeOSC has udpreceive and pipelist in it and thus these objs will work thereafter in a session (not however unopened ones). I cannot find anything in the helpfiles which explains, let alone justifies this behaviour. in order to use the mrpeach library i would thus have to open the respective helpfiles individually first before I can use the objects, or, prepend the library name for every object I instantiate like mrpeach/routeOSC — then they work.
    although I am basically crisp new to pd~ this does seem very odd, can anyone reproduce?

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