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    Cheers mate!
    I just saw that too.


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    Thanks very much both!

    Portabello >> "If you are using [tabread4~] to scan through an array to generate a control signal then you might want to consider changing your array"

    Yes Portabello, this is what I am trying to do actually!

    Alexandros >> "If you use [line~] or [vline~] though, you might want to multiply by 44,099 in case the ramp reaches 1, as multiplying by 44,100 and adding 1 will yield a ramp from 1 to 44,101 (maybe I'm wrong...)"

    Alexandre, in fact and exactly as you wrote, I am multiplying vline~'s ramp (same goes with line~) with 44,099 (>> ramp: 0 - 44,099) and then I add 1 (>> ramp: 1 - 44,100). The thing is that the tabread4~ object I am using is associated with a "corrected" array (resized to hold 44,103 samples for the 4-point interpolation) in order to use its output as a control signal.

    And here is the tricky bit I don't understand...
    Why the heck the help patch suggests [1 - (n-2)]...??
    I suppose I have to check the source code.

    Cheers both!


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    Hello Pd people,

    Two questions regarding tabread4~:

    Let's say we have a 1 second sample at 44,100Hz (....44,100 sample size).

    1. Do we have to resize the associated array to hold 3 more samples for the 4-point interpolation, that is 44,103 samples?

    If the answer to my first question is "Yes", then...

    1. Let's say we index our sample using line~, vline~, or phasor~ (three objects whose ramp starts at 0). In order to play the whole sample we need to start at 1 and finish at 44,100, right?
      Then why in the help patch of the tabread4~ object, says:
      "...indices should start from 1 and end n-2..."
      (n = sample size. That is from 1 till 44101 for our example...???).

    Doesn't make sense...

    I am wrong somewhere...?

    Thanks a lot!


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