• nthl0gik

    ok thanks david after looking this patch over it seems much more clear now
    thanks a million !! :D

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  • nthl0gik

    ok i looked at the text view of your sent patch & my wip patch. it looks easy enough
    but i think i'll need to upload a file to show you where i'm at and then hopefully
    you or someone could correct it perhaps for me with some slight added
    notation. i did not quite understand as you've explained it to me at first.
    sorry about that david.....

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  • nthl0gik

    i was curious to know if you could use some kind of command inside of a message
    atom in runtime mode to connect/disconnect objects/atoms together ??? i thought
    i remember reading in the past it could be done.

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  • nthl0gik

    i'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this..... but here goes nothing.
    i recently found the camomile VST wrapper thing @ github??? i thought that's
    where i found it. i tried loading the camomile.dll into my sequencer vst folder...
    i thought i read that's all i had to do to begin using it.... however, it seemed to
    load without error other than it kept telling me some certain *.txt file was missing.
    i had no idea @ that point of what to do next. can anyone help me possibly understand
    this? thanks a million in advance....

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  • nthl0gik

    thanks so much for those patches whale-av (AKA david??) its very much appreciated.
    i was having a heck of a time a few days ago trying to figure out what it would take to
    accomplish that sample rate editing.

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  • nthl0gik

    i was wondering since i recently got back into PD extended that
    if anyone could help me realize how to change [sample rate~]
    when you're within runtime mode using messages or some on
    the fly equivalent type method?.... possibly? thanks in advance.

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