• mryevrah

    mission accomplished, still has my receives and throws, so you will need to change them into inlets/outlets/whatever


    EDIT: just realised that this is a version where i have totally unnecessary scaling in 'pd room', a 0.99 message is sent to the free verb inlet, when in actual fact it can be 1. Provided that the [+~ 0.7] is removed, which also mean the [del 500] can probably be reduced to a lower value. here: reverb_v2.pd

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  • mryevrah

    Hi all,

    I am fairly new to Pd and am currently working on creating a 'frozen' reverb patch.
    I'm familiar with freeverb~'s freeze feature, but I am keen to implement it myself into this patch that user 'katjav' posted a while ago here. The patch is an attempted port of freeverb~ into vanilla pd objects.

    Miller Puckette describes how infinite reverberation can be achieved, by setting the feedback gain to 1 (100%), while momentarily opening the input (only for a small period of time).

    If anyone could help me understand where the best place to alter the feedback gain in the above patch I would be forever grateful.

    Will post results here if I manage to achieve this on my own :)

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