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    Yesterday, I switched from PD-Extended to the latest version of vanilla. After installing a few externals via Deken, I tried creating some of their objects, and every time just got a "could not create external" error. I've tried installing them, reinstalling PD on my C: Drive, and even using new paths instead if the regular "extra" folder, but nothing seems to let me create any external objects.

    Is there anyone who has any idea what I might be missing here? This has been extremely frustrating since up until now I've relied a lot on things like Cyclone and IEMlib, and I'd really rather not work without them.

    My UI question: I noticed in the brief period I was using Vanilla that the UI has been (in my personal opinion) a significant downgrade from that of PD-Extended. Is there any info on what plugins I'd need to restore the look that I'm used to? And how would I install them?

    Thanks in advance for any insight.

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