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    Also -- 1 other thing -- i believe this may be by design --
    but if I try to connect two objects with multiple inlets/outlets, I have to set the # of connections by hand (unlike in animation above for multiple objects)

    [adc~ 1 2]
    [dac~ 1 2]

    Using the from/to buttons/hotkeys, will assume you only want 1 connection (on first inlet/outlet).. Maybe cool to have a hotkey for changing the connection number if it's not possible to detect etc..

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    This is incredible -- found this when searching this patch forum by accident and so glad.
    Fwiw i'm using this in vanilla and it seems to be working flawlessly (I have cyclone & iemguts etc installed) -- should I be waiting for something to break?
    In the source, I see the line:
    [iemguts/try initbang, loadbang] -- so i guess since i don't have [initbang], [loadbang] is used?

    Again -- thanks for your work -- this will save lots of mouse time.

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    Thanks for your work here svanya. Clean source & this makes eq'ing on my pieces nice and simple

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