• mgarrett010461

    Does anyone know where to download PerCOlate for PD?? I can only find the MAX port,
    the pointer to:


    generates a not found error (i think?? its in german).



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  • mgarrett010461

    How would I preload a delay line, in order to excite a waveguid?? Currently I am exciting the waveguide with a shaped noise burst. Ideally, I would be able to fill the delay line with information who's lengthe is determined by the desired pitch, with the position of the delay output also determined by that pitch... (Hope that makes sense..)

    Thanks, mcg

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  • mgarrett010461

    Thanks!! I will have to study this for a little while, (I am new to PD) I will post a follwup when I get the chance to test it out..

    Thanks You!!


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