• mengeh

    Wow, thanks for your replies! This was my first post here - I expected some kind of notification but didn't get one, so I'm only just seeing this now.

    In the first instance, the replacement main.pd file doesn't seem to have changed much. I am going to look into the other tips you've given, and then try a fresh install perhaps of the same version you are running, 0.50.2, (I currently have 0.53.2).

    Incredibly grateful for your advice! You've given me plenty to look into and learn from... I'll keep you updated if I make any progress.

    All the best.

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  • mengeh

    Hi svanya, noob here! I'm very excited about using Ganymede and learning from it but can't get it to work on my system. I am running pd vanilla on Ubuntu. I have installed the required externals (although my guess is the problem might lie with incorrect installation of one of these!).

    When I open ganymede.pd or main.pd, I get the following three messages repeated in the pd terminal:

    clone-inlet: no method for 'samp'
    $2: argument number out of range
    text set: no method for 'samp'

    Looking at the size of the scrollbar, I don't think it's an infinite loop, but my cpu goes crazy, pd completely freezes and it takes a few seconds to close when I click exit.

    Another possible clue - when I open node.pd I get the following errors (multiple times):

    0-cnv: no such object (2 times)
    object index 0 out of range (2 times)
    text: couldn't find text buffer 'midimap' (7 times)

    I'm new-ish to pd, but not new to programming or audio - so not afraid of a good troubleshoot! Have managed to pare down a lot of errors, but am a little at a loss with these ones, without being able to run the patch and poke around. I'm super determined to get this to work though, as this looks like exactly the kind of generative system I'm interested in learning about!

    Thanks in advance

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