• mbbmbbmm

    Thanks for the explanation! I think you've slightly misunderstood my question but you put me on the right track: I figured it out by looking at [pix_multiimage] which is also linked in the help file. The workflow is very similar in that the second inlet of both can take a number as index to chose the "submodel"/"subimage"

    The [pix_multitexture] help mentions that input and also shows it in the example while weirdly the [multimodel] help does not... (and [model] doesn't have that inlet anyway)

    I thought that was among the stuff I had tried before but apparently not :sweat_smile:

    Thank you again for the link to the book, looks very interesting

    multimodel01.PNG multimodel02.PNG

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  • mbbmbbmm

    Hello everyone!

    How to actually use [multimodel] in Gem?
    I managed to load some models but only one is displayed. How can I choose which of the models stored in [multimodel] should be rendered?

    I'm still quite new to PD and especially Gem and I didn't find any examples or information on this topic.. The help patch doesn't show how to do it.

    Thank you!

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