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    I have been writing a little programme to record audio to mp3 files over long periods of time. the problem I am having is i get little audio clicks. Being that its just recording to file latency is not an issue to i have it set all the way up at 300 and i have tried various block sizes but this doesnt appear to have helped. Could someone have a look at the method below and advise or even just tell me if they are seeing the same issue. Thanks

    I am recording from the adc~ object which comes from the built in input on my mac to the mp3write~ object in PD extended. I am using the default settings, 44.1k, 128bps, quality 1. I am recording a sine tone which is recorded fine for hours but with little clicks and pops. Could anyone advise?

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  • maximillion90

    Right then PD boffs,

    I was using mp3write~ happily then tried my patch on a windows 7 machine and when trying to open a new file it failed giving me "cannot load lame_enc.dll". Now i would guess this is just a missing dll but i cannot find where PD looks for said files.

    Anyone come across this? or can help?


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  • maximillion90

    When i try and use either mp3write~ or oggwrite~ in a patch to create a file neither appears able to create a file.
    Take the attached patch as an example. If i use the "open /track.mp3" it fails, if i use "open /tmp/track.mp3" the console claims the file is created but when you run the start, stop the file is not created. I have tried this on osx 10.8 and 10.9.

    It must be something i am missing here because i cant find any bug reports of this.

    Help appreciated.



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  • maximillion90

    Sir you are a Gentlemen,

    Bang on, /tmp folder full of random empty audio files.
    Patch is running in project directory however to open file needed an absolute path name which looked like /Users/me/Desktop/project/file.

    I had actually tired lots of these however i was using ~ for home which clearly it didn't recognise.

    You have also helped me solve a multi-platform problem by introducing me to getdir

    Thanks Man

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  • maximillion90

    Right I am slightly confused lots going on there.

    First i have permission on the volume assuming it is saving into the /tmp folder in the project directory which I created and is not saving into some hidden folder on mac osx.

    the "open" message when used with sfwrite~ (eg "open /track.wav") creates the file in the current directory. Should i be expecting the same behaviour with mp3 and oggwrite? Or do these two expect there to be an audio file present already.

    I did forget to attach sorry, I always do that. Should be there now but it isnt anything special just a silly demo.

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