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    Really new on pd.
    Firstly I want to do the audio settings with my soundcard MOTU 828 mk3 and test them with the patch testtone.pd (launched by Media/Test Audio and MIDI).

    In Media menu, I have the choice between "standard (MMIO)" and "ASIO (via portaudio)".
    1/ Choosing "standard (MMIO)", I could theoretically set up to 4 output devices ("MOTU Analog 1-2" --> "MOTU Analog 7-8"), 2 channels for each one. But when I do this I have no sound, and have the message : "separate audio device choice not supported\; using sequential devices."
    In fact it seems I'm allowed to set only one output device. When I do that, it works, I have sound for channels 1 and 2 (1 and 2 in pd, but it can be physically 5-6 for example, depending what I choose in the settings).

    But I have only 2 channels...

    2/ Choosing "ASIO (via portaudio)", exactly the same situation, except that the output names are now "(0) MOTU Analog 1-2", "(0) MOTU Analog 3-4"...
    Note that I also have a new output, "(1) MOTU Audio ASIO" which doesn't work (I tried to set 2 channels or 8, same result)

    Could someone light me on the multichannel configuration in pd ?
    Maybe I have to configure something in the MOTU (via CueMix FX), but I don't know how...

    Thank you in advance for your help or advices.


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