• Matt_From_Sensel

    Source, Engadget:

    "Sensel’s Morph is, by design, a bit of a shapeshifter. It can be a film editing bay, a drum machine, a drawing pad, etc... That malleability is getting another boost today with the announcement that it now integrates with Pure Data.

    ...it means that the Morph can now be used to control custom software instruments, visualizations and even lighting. The tool gives programmers access to 16-points of contact and 20 parameters per contact for building out unique controls. You could for instance create a custom synth in Pure Data that you play by tapping the Morph, but then you control the level of a delay effect by sliding your finger up and down, and open the filter cutoff by pressing down with more force."

    You can integrate the Sensel API as objects in PureData via GitHub: https://github.com/sensel/PD-objects

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