• MartiS

    The pure data app adress was wrong. This is the correct one:
    /x/y/z/Pd-0.47-1-64bit.app/Contents/Resources/bin/pd -batch /x/y/z/patch.pd

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  • MartiS

    First of all, thank you for your advice! I've tried with this command:
    open -a "/x/y/z/Pd-0.47-1-64bit.app/Contents/MacOS/Pd" --args -batch -open /x/y/z/patch.pd because with open -b ... it says error. With this opens PureData but the application freezes and I have to force quit. I've tried with a very simple patch (loadbang, delay of 5000 ms and quit pd message) and it doesn't work either...

    What can I do?

    Thank you again!

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  • MartiS

    Hello world,

    I'm trying to open a pd file on the command line using the option -batch to run it off-line. I've tried with pd-extended 0.43.4 and pd 0.47 in OS X 10.8.5 but I don't know where I have to put the -batch option in the text line.

    I've tried before and after the -open instruction:
    /Users/x/Desktop/Pd-0.47-1-64bit.app/Contents/MacOS/Pd -batch -open /Users/x/Desktop/y.pd

    /Users/x/Desktop/Pd-0.47-1-64bit.app/Contents/MacOS/Pd -open -batch /Users/x/Desktop/y.pd

    after the pd file route:
    /Users/x/Desktop/Pd-0.47-1-64bit.app/Contents/MacOS/Pd -open /Users/x/Desktop/y.pd -batch

    and replacing the -open instruction with the -batch one:
    /Users/x/Desktop/Pd-0.47-1-64bit.app/Contents/MacOS/Pd -batch /Users/x/Desktop/y.pd

    The response is always "unknown option".

    Thank you, any advice is appreciated.

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